Kanamoto Indonesia

About Kanamoto Indonesia

Kanamoto’s growth has been synonymous with the development of Japan’s construction equipment rental business. Whether the concern is an equipment line-up that meet market needs, quality control, supply channels, or a state-of-the-art business model developed to meet changing times, our goal has always been to help customers rationalize their operations. To further enhance customer satisfaction, Kanamoto will continue to pursue the possibilities for construction equipment rental solutions.


Greetings From The President

While growing with the development of the Japanese economy, we have made every effort to improve infrastructure and recover from numerous disasters. We believe that it is our mission to use our experience to support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquake, typhoons and heavy rain disasters in various places. In addition, there are infrastructures in various parts of Japan that need to be redeveloped, and the Group is determined to gather all its strengths to ensure the safety and security of Japan. We have another
mission. it keeps growing. We will continue to expand and expand our domestic sales base, promote overseas expansion, and pursue our own
potential. We will continue to realize our group corporate philosophy of being a “strong, high-quality corporate group that rewards customers, employees, and shareholders based on high profitability,” and will continue to do so with the fiscal year ending October 2024 as the final year of our plan. We will strive to become a true general rental company by executing the medium-term management plan “Creative 60”. We would like to ask for your continued support for our group.

Tetsuo kanamoto

President and CEO Executive Division Manager,

 Business Coordination Headquarters